2019 Ice Dice

Update on the 2019 Ice Dice


It sure is warm out there. Needless to say┬áthere is less ice now than there was at the same time last year. Anglers have reported anywhere from 8-10 inches of ice over the past week. AHS recommends a minimum of 15 inches of ice for a in order to park a 3/4 ton 4×4 vehicle on the ice. For reference, the thinnest measurement for any of our ice dice events has been 18 inches. What does this all mean? We’ve all but ruled out an early January start to the series. A likely, but not definite, date for event #1 is January 20. There will be 4 events in total.


For this years iteration we are exploring a new location. We need to hash out a few more details before confirming anything (not to mention we need colder weather). Expect official announcements “soon”.


For anyone interested in helping we will be looking for at least two people who can take on roles fore the duration of the series: a person who will manage the timing equipment and; a person who will handle on-site registration. Not interested in either but still want to help? Drop us a line and we’ll find a role that will work for you.


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