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Rallycross / Ice Cup

Winter AutoCross is a simplified version of summer AutoCross with the main difference being that it is run on a loose surface aka gravel, ice, snow!.

9-2-wJust like summer AutoSlalom a course of those highway orange pylons are set out and cars run through the course against the clock for the fastest time. There is no “door to door” racing as cars are released onto the course with a safe interval between each car.

If vehicles get to close to each other or there is a mishap then the course is “red flagged” (all vehicles are stopped)

Safety is the first importance!

Participants are required to help setup the course, marshal when the vehicles are running and to help put away equipment. This way we can make this grassroots form of motorsport affordable!Speeds seldom exceed 80 kph! It is a perfect place to learn, hone and refine your winter driving skills!


Who can participate?

Any body with a valid driver’s license thought any one under 18 must have waivers from their legal guardians.

We have people of both sexes and any age regularly competing!What kind of vehicle do I need?

Your day to day car that you drive to work is fine! We also see full blown Pro rally cars running. ALL cars must pass a simple safety inspection (see Supplementary Regulations – link at bottom of page) and all loose articles must be removed from the car.

SUV’s or any vehicle with excessively high centres of gravity are discouraged due to their tendency to tip over at any kind of speed! Safety is of the first importance! Tech Inspectors will rule on what is excessive!

If you are worried about damage to your paint simply put on a set of mud flaps.

What should I bring?

Well it is a Winter Autocross and we will run in temperatures ranging from -30 degrees to Chinook weather!

So remember to dress warmly and we mean warm! You will be expected to take you turn out on course marshalling and so could be out in the cold cold winter weather for up to an hour or more with out shelter!Due to the fact that you have to remove all loose items it is good idea to have a tarp and/or weather proof container to put your normal bric a brack that we all collect in our vehicles.Make sure you check your tires and they are inflated properly. Winter tires are a good idea!Maybe a sandwich, a thermos of a warm beverage as we are not near any restaurants!Also remember we are not near any washrooms! Do not to eat the yellow snow? A bit hard on the women but we know women are tougher then men!! Safety and Insurance

The Calgary Sports Car Club had liability insurance but it is only for damage to property! Not your car or you!

You must be aware that your regular auto insurance is null and void while you are on the lot.

Also you must sign a waiver of all liability to even be on the lot!  You are responsibly for your self at all times while on the lot! Keep your head up and watch out! SAFETY SAFETY SAFETYTo end all this!

There are car classes, rules for marshalling etc. These will be explained either on the Winter Autocross Forum , in the Supplementary Regulations or at the drivers meeting at each event.

Come out to the Calgary Sports Car Club meeting the first Thursday of each month at 7:30 PM and you will find out more!