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2015 Loop Rally

loop-15The 2015 Loop Rally is running overnight on Saturday September 19th and will be headed south of Calgary to explore the scenic Rocky Mountain Foothills.

This is a TSD, so we won’t be travelling at warp speed, but due to the overnight schedule auxiliary lights would not do any harm.

There will be an informative Q&A Session (Novice School) for people new to TSD rallying from 16:30 to 17:30 before the event.

The rally will use straight-forward navigation in a Regularity / Monte Carlo format, including challenging driving sections. Some driving proficiency will be required due to the night schedule and the nature of the event.

Total distance will be approx 650 kilometres, with 40% paved roads and 60% gravel or all weather roads in Alberta and BC.

Rally West Navigational Championship
CSCC Navigational Rally Series


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