Road Racing

The Calgary Sports Car Club members participate in circuit track and road racing from May through October at Castrol Raceway in Leduc.

Road Racing is one of the most challenging forms of motorsport for competitors and one of the most exciting for spectators.

What It’s All About

Spec Miata Racing at Castrol Raceway

Spec Miata Racing at Castrol Raceway

Road Racing is done on a closed-circuit course. The length of the course is usually 1 to 2 miles long and can be held on a permanent track or a temporary track. Commonly used permanent tracks include Castrol Raceway in Leduc, Gimli Motorsport Park near Winnipeg, and Mission Speedway in Mission B.C. Examples of temporary courses are the former Vancouver Indy track and the Edmonton City Center Airport track.

Races are typically 10 laps or approximately 15 minutes of racing, called sprints. Endurance races are much longer and commonly vary from 1 hour up to 24 hours (like the 24 hours of LeMans professional Endurance race).

A race is a competition between several cars at the same time. A qualifying session determines the order that the cars line up. The fastest car at the front and the slowest car is at the end.

A Class For Everyone

Cars from different series may be racing on the track at the same time. Race City Motorsport Park has several different categories:

  • Improved Production (IP): entry level series based on production cars.
  • Grand Touring (GT): advanced level series with extensive modifications allowed – based on production cars.
  • Formula 1600/2000: Purpose built open wheel cars.

The IT and GT series have several classes to accomodate all sizes of cars. The class that a car is allowed to compete in is determined by the displacement of the engine. The minimum weight of the car is then calculated by a formula based on the engine displacement.

The IP series is a good entry level series and is the least expensive way to begin racing.

The rules are structured to limit the modifications that are allowed on the car. This allows a new driver to concentrate on improving their driving skills. It also minimizes the cost of car preparation. This series is recommended for drivers that have limited mechanical experience and/or limited time to prepare a car.

The GT series allows much more involved modifications to cars. Purpose built race cars are also allowed to compete in the GT series. This series is totally suited for people who want to do a lot of modifications to their cars (suspension and/or engine modifications). A considerable amount of money, time, and/or mechanical abilities are usually required to successfully compete in the GT series.

The minimum requirements to get involved in racing are as follows:

  • Approved Helmet
  • 3 layer fire suit, gloves, shoes
  • 5 point driver harness
  • Roll cage in the car
  • Complete an approved driving school
  • Be a member of an affiliated club

If you are interested in Road Racing come a spectate at one of our weekend events or join in our driver’s school.

High Performance Driving and Competition Licensing School

Date: Annually in the spring

This course includes Classroom and On Track instruction in:

  • Cornering
  • Skid Control
  • Extending Vehicle Life
  • Threshold Braking
  • Avoidance Techniques
  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Reducing Tire Wear
  • Competition Driving

The driving school is open to anyone with a valid driver’s who wants to improve his/her driving skills. Participants must provide their own vehicle. (race cars or any street vehicles are acceptable).