2014 Winter RallyCross “ICE Cup”

CSCC 2014 Winter RallyCross “ICE Cup”
Program Overview


Welcome to the 2014 Winter RallyCross “ICE Cup” presented by the Calgary Sports Car Club(CSCC). I hope you guys had good holiday season and are looking forward to spinning some tires.

RallyCross is a recreational off-road solo2 event in which participants compete individually against the clock on a temporary pylon course setup on a gravel parking lot. The “ICE Cup” will be five event series taking place on snow covered frozen lake and if things go well we may have a small event on solid ground at the end of January to test a new venue for “DiRTcup”.
Series will be held at Ghost Lake and Windermere Lake, and this document provides a program overview of the CSCC 2014 IceCup Program.

We are planning 5 event series

Jan 19: Event 1 Windermere Lake
Feb  2:  Event 2 Ghost Lake
Feb 16: Event 3 Ghost Lake
Mar  2: Event 4 Ghost Lake
Mar 16: Event 4 Ghost Lake

registered on Karelo
CSCC Member – $40 per participant
Nonmember – $50 per participant

Event #1 http://www.karelo.com/register.php?BID=74&BT=10&Ev=13892

registered at the site
CSCC Member – $50 per participant
Nonmember – $60 per participant

(two participants per car is allowed, more than two is not)

swag from participating sponsors!

Ghost Lake just west of Cochrane, a 45-60 min drive from most places in Calgary.

– Note that strict control of event site is strongly enforced.  No warm-up, fast, or spirited driving allowed anywhere within the lake (other than on the AutoCross track).

Event will run rain or shine and at all temps above -25 degrees.  All participants are encouraged to check the CSCC Web Board one day before to check for event updates or changes.

Double Heat format
4 timed runs in both the morning and afternoon heats.
Result is based on the cumulative total of participants two (2) fastest laps, one (1) from the morning and one (1) from the afternoon.
Run in two classes, each broken down to three classes according to drive configuration.
DOT studded tires: all wheel drive, front wheel drive, rear wheel drive
DOT non studded tires: all wheel drive, front wheel drive, rear wheel drive

Series results will be based on the best 5 finishes for the season.
In each of the car classes, points will be assigned for each event to the top 12 finishers in the value 20 for first in class, 16 for second, 14, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
Points classing may change prior to first event, but not after.

Also this year we will be running a rookie championship! Rookies will be based on 5 or less rallycross events in the past seasons.


8:00-9:30 Course and Timing Setup
8:00-9:30 Registration and Tech
9:30-9:45 Drivers Meeting
10:00-15:00ish Timed Runs
15:00ish-16:30 Fun Runs and clean up

Note that the Invermere event has a later starting time to allowed competitors to drive out from Calgary on Sunday morning.

10.30 drivers meeting
11.00-16.00 Timed Runs

Please make sure to arrive on time to help facilitate schedule.

– It takes at least 8 dedicated volunteers (and involved, cooperative participants!) to run a successful event.  Please come out a bit early and help set up or volunteer to help with tech inspection or timing.  As a minimum all competitors are required to spend one half of the event marshalling.

– upon arrival, all participants and spectators are to report to Registration.
– All participants and spectators will sign any/all waivers for event
– Participants will:
– Pay event entry
– Fill out entry form if a new participant.  Car number will be assigned at this time

Technical Inspection
– Following registration participants are to claim a position in the paddock/parking area and prepare the vehicle for the event. Parking in designated area on nylon tarp only, a minimum of a two car widths must be left between parked cars. Remove all loose articles.
– Report to the Tech Inspection rep when your vehicle is ready for inspection.
– Please try to stay with your vehicle until it has been inspected.  Drivers should be present during tech inspection.
– In order to be allowed to complete a vehicle will be checked to ensure that:
– Seat belts are in good working condition (stock three-point seat belts are acceptable)
– Acceptable pressure in brake system (pedal doesn’t hit the floor!)
– No loose items in the vehicle
– Battery securely fascinated (no bungee cords!)
– Brake Fluid levels within vehicle prescribed limits (no leaking fluids of any kind!)
– Tires in safe operating condition
– Wheel bearings not loose and all wheel nuts acceptable
– Participant has a M2000 or newer SNELL approved helmet (few loaner helmets are available at the event)

Self-Tech Form:
Please print, fill it out and bring it to registration.

Note: Parking on tarps only, remember to bring one with you, Princess Auto is good source for inexpensive tarp.

– Commercially available DOT tires only.
– Commercially available street studs only (No screws or bolts, rally, zamboni or other oversize studs)
Winter tires are not mandatory but we highly recommend using them.
Note that the marshal and organizers have the right to deny entry to any vehicle deemed unsafe (with a full entry fee refund supplied).  The organizers also have the right to re-tech any vehicle at any time and deny further participation of the vehicle if deemed unsafe.

Drivers Meeting
– All participants are required to attend the drivers meeting.

Timed Runs
Cars will be divided into two or three run groups (depending on number of competitors).  3 to 4 runs per participant before rotation of groups.  During drivers meeting the initial tasking and rotation order will be established.

– all competitors are expected to marshal
Ensure you have warm clothes and appropriate footwear,
It’s recommended you invest in pair of ice grippers (something like this

Your responsibility when Marshaling is:
– Remaining alert and watching for problems or unsafe conditions on the track
– Identifying dangers to and stopping competitors
– Maintaining radio contact with Race Control
– Reporting and Replacing displaced cones
– Watching other competitors, learning, and having fun
– Keeping warm

11 Other Rules and Regulations
These events are held under the spirit of the CNAC Rulebook.  All of sections 3 and 4 of the CNAC Regulations apply.