2017 CSCC TSD Series


Snowball Rally

Saturday January 21
Calgary AB
Trail of the GNU

Saturday March 25
Rocky Mtn House AB
Mudlark Rally

Saturday May 6
Calgary AB
Loop Rally

Saturday Sept 23-24
Nanton AB
Hunting of the Snark

November TBD*
Calgary AB

*subject to possible date or location change


Driver Overall
1Peter Brook12121236
2Steve Wadley2222
2Brad Derzaph2222
4Zach Stonley1010
5James Allen2810
6Lucas Hahn22
6Jacky Wong22
8Penny Mellor11
Navigator Overall
1Brad Derzaph2222
2Amanda Ann22
3Peter Hill11
Driver Calculator
1Peter Brook69924
2Steve Wadley99
3Zach Stonley44
Driver Novice
1James Allen099
2Lucas Hahn00
2Jacky Wong00
Navigator Novice
1Amanda Ann00
Driver Unlimited
1Brad Derzaph99
2Penny Mellor00
Navigator Unlimited
1Brad Derzaph99
2Peter Hill00

** if you find any errors or discrepancies please contact Kurt Schantz


Trophies for the championship will be awarded at the annual awards banquet for the top three overall and all classes.


All events are held under the General Competition Rules of CARS and the current Rally Regulations of RallyWest.

To be eligible for points competitors must hold a 2017 Calgary Sports Car Club Membership.

One event retroactive scoring will be allowed for new CSCC members.

The competitor shall count points from all events as part of the championship.

Overall Championship points shall be scored as follows:

First 20 pts
Second 15 pts
Third 12 pts
Fourth 10 pts
Fifth 8 pts
Sixth 6 pts
Seventh 4 pts
Eighth 3 pts
Ninth 2 pts
Tenth 1 pt

In addition, one point will be assigned for starting a rally and one point will be assigned for finishing a rally. This will only apply in the overall standings, and not class standings.

Only CSCC members are eligible for series awards. In the case where a non-CSCC member earns points for an event, they shall be removed from the series standings, but the assignment of points to CSCC members shall not change.

Championship points in the Novice Classes and in the various Vehicle Classes shall be scored as follows:

First 9 pts
Second 6 pts
Third 4 pts
Fourth 3 pts
Fifth 2 pts
Sixth 1 pt

Ties will not be broken for the purpose of awarding championship points in a rally.

In the case of a tie for first position in the championship, the competitor with the most event wins in the series where the tie exists, shall be declared the winner of the championship. If this fails to break the tie, the competitor with the most second place finishes shall be declared the winner. If this still fails to break the tie, the competitor with the most third place finishes shall be declared the winner, etc., etc., until the tie is broken. If a tie still exists competitors can agree on a coin toss or shall stand.

The category (driver or navigator) in which a competitor is assigned championship points shall be in accordance with the entry form for the event. Should competitors switch duties in the vehicle, once competition has begun, they shall not be eligible for championship points or event awards.

A Novice driver may only be awarded championship points when competing with a Novice navigator and vice-versa.

Calgary Sports Car Club