Ice Dice 3 Postponed

Hi Everyone,
I must postpone the Ice Dice scheduled for next weekend. Given the warm weather, which I’m not complaining about, I forecast the ice will only be 15.5 inches thick, which is 2.5 inches below our safety cutoff to have 30+ vehicles in close proximity on the ice.
Thank you all for signing up for this Ice Dice and/or volunteering to help put on past Ice Dices. Hopefully we’ll see you Saturday, February 24.
Nobody’s card has been charged as yet. In MSReg, I am moving this event to Sunday, April 7. Otherwise, everything else is the same. You will continue to be registered for this event on the 7th unless you cancel or change your registration. This is the link to the event
Given the warm weather this year, it is probable that this April 7 event will not happen, but I’m scheduling it in the hope we get a cold snap that makes the ice safe between now and then.
CSCC Ice Dice Director

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