January 27 Ice Dice Postponed

Jan. 27 Ice Dice Postponed to Sunday, March 24.
My Dad died on Thursday. His funeral is on Friday, Jan. 26. There is no way that I can return in time to set up and run the Ice Dice on Jan. 27.


In addition, the temperatures forecast for next Saturday are quite high, very similar to the temperatures at which the property through which we access the lake was damaged during a previous Ice Dice. So, the temperatures also would likely force us to postpone. Acceptable temperatures are between 0 and -20 degrees C, or if there is an extreme cold warning, to avoid property damage on the high side and for personal safety on the cold side.
I apologize that I must postpone another Ice Dice. As you can see, there again are multiple extenuating circumstances.
Hopefully we’ll see you Sunday, February 11 for what is now our first Ice Dice event.
In MSReg, I am moving the Jan. 27 event to Sunday, March 24. Otherwise, everything else is the same. Those who are registered for this event will continue to be registered for this event on the 24th unless you cancel or change your registration.
This is the link to the event msreg.com/cscc2024-ice-dice-2. I only charge your card two days before the event, after we confirm it is a go, and you can cancel beforehand at any time without any charge.
Sincerely, David

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