Ice Dice 1 Postponed

Ice Dicers, breaking news!

The ice is too thin, the wind is too cold.

Ummm … what?! Oh, Alberta.

Please see the following note from David regarding next weekend’s Ice Dice event:


Hi everyone,

Thank you for signing up or volunteering to help with Ice Dice #1.

I’ve made the decision to postpone Ice Dice #1 to March 10.   Your current registration will be moved to that date.   Feel free to cancel or ask me to cancel your registration.  Your cards have not been charged.  So there will be no charge if you cancel.

Based on information I received from Dean that the ice is only 10 inches thick at the moment and the current forecast suggesting a reasonable possibility of very cold temperatures for next weekend, I’ve decided to postpone Ice Dice #1 to March 10.  Even with the very cold temperatures, ice thickness would be borderline near our 18-inch cutoff.   We will go ahead as planned for the dates already planned for Jan. 27, Feb. 11, and Feb. 24.  With the upcoming cold weather, I don’t think the ice thickness will be a problem then.

Ice Dice #2 on Jan. 27 is not posted [on MSReg] at the moment.  I will post on Tuesday.  I am in negotiations with the BMW club and our Jan. 27th might be a BMW school.  I would only give up this date if CSCC members can take that school for BMW member prices and if they compensate us for lost revenue from this event.    I have put the heat on the BMW guys to tell me ASAP about whether or not they’ll go ahead with that.  If I don’t hear by Tuesday, we’ll run an Ice Dice as usual.


David Gray

CSCC Ice Dice Director

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