Cancelled – Hunting of the Snark – TSD Rally – Nov 21

Due to the current Covid 19 situation with higher cases and restrictions.
We have Cancelled the Hunting of the Snark TSD Rally 2020.
Wasn’t a easy decision, but it was the right call to make.
See everyone at the Snowball Rally in January 2021
Pete C.

The Hunting of the Snark is on Saturday, November 21st 2020.

While the event is geared towards beginners, due to the nature of the roads (mud/dirt/ice/snow?) some driving proficiency is required.

The rally runs on straight-forward instructions. The rally will be about 400km long, entirely within the province of Alberta. An odometer check section of about 20km will be provided. Roads will be about 30% pavement, 70% gravel/ice/snow and all mileage will be provided in KM units.

Supps are posted
Entries are open and volunteers needed –

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