Trail of the GNU (TSD) – Cancelled

Hello Rally Fans,

We are very sorry to report that we have made the decision to cancel this year’s Trail of the Gnu TSD. Kris and I were on the roads today to see if the recent warm weather had cleared up enough roads for the rally to go ahead, and only 1 road was found passable from start to finish. Many of the regularities were in great shape for up to 80% of the distance, but would eventually hit a blockage with an unplowed section where we would get stuck in the middle of the road, even in a 4wd with good winter tires. Other sections were starting to flood and swamp.

Ultimately, we are 2 weeks out and unable to get through the roads to properly make a route, and there are no guarantees the situation will improve with more snowfall and colder temperatures back in the forecast; regardless, we would be out of time to put it together.

Again, we are very sorry and wish it was better news. This is the second cancellation in 16 years, in both instances due to unusual weather wreaking havoc with our roads. We are committed to going ahead with 2020 however, and are looking at moving the date up to January/February, while avoiding the Thunderbird rally weekend of course.

All the best, and please consider the Loop Rally as an alternative, scheduled to take place on May 4th, running overnight and also hosted by the Calgary Sports Car Club.

Thank you,

Eric Grochowski and Kris Schofield
Organizers of the Trail of the Gnu

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