Notice of Special Meeting – April 19

The Executive of the Calgary Sports Car Club invites current and lapsed members to join in discussions about the future of the club.

At our last business meeting on Tuesday, April 3, both our President and Autoslalom directors resigned their positions on the executive, leaving two holes in addition to the already vacant Time Attack director position. These resignations leave an executive short by 2 directors and a President, making executive and club meetings difficult to hold and legally do business.

These resignations are also symptoms of a larger problem. For several years now, the CSCC has had difficulty in fostering leadership both in event organisers and in club executives. As club members, we need to come together to define our path forward thinking about what, if anything, we can each give back to support the health and continued success of the CSCC.

The CSCC has a long and storied history. For 64 years, the club has always prided itself on being a multi-discipline club building on the strengths of the entire motorsports community rather than narrowing its focus to a single experience. The strength of that diversity had allowed the disciplines to support each other as interest in events grew, or fell, over time and also led to members dipping their toes in a wide range of activities that they might not have tried otherwise.

Ultimately, the CSCC needs to face some serious questions about who we are, and where we are heading. While the club is poised to carry on, it exists for and because of its members, so we want everyone that was, is or would be a member to have a say in the Club’s future. So, we invite you to join us on April 19, 2018, 7:30 pm, at the Marg Peterson Memorial Hall (CSCC Clubhouse), 4215 80th Avenue NE Calgary, AB, for a brainstorming session about what the Calgary Sports Car Club wants to be, and needs to be, in order to go forward?

CSCC Vice President / Acting President
Mike Dyer


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