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2011 Mudlark Rally

The 2011 Mudlark TSD Rally edition will be rum on overnight beginning on Saturday, July 09, 2011

believe it or not their calculator is older than their car!

Competitors will experience an evening of exploration and discovery on carefully selected pavement, gravel, dirt and mud roads with the odd 'goat trail' thrown in for good luck. While the event is geared towards novice teams, due to the nature of the roads (gravel, dirt and mud) and the late start (sunset to sunrise) some driving proficiency is required.

The rally will start in Calgary, break twice for gas/food and then finish bright and early somewhat close to Calgary. Trophies will be awarded for overall finishing position and class wins (Paper/Calculator/Unlimited and Novice).

Teams wishing to brush up on their navigational (and mathematical) skills or for anyone unfamiliar with the concept of Time Speed Distance navigation, there is a novice course at the clubhouse on the Thursday before the event. This is not a mandatory course for new competitors but it is highly recommended. Please let us know if you will be attending.

Mud and movable chicanes?

The 2011 Mudlark Rally is the second TSD event of the year hosted by the Calgary Sports Car Club, and is once again the third event in the Rally West TSD Championship.

The rally runs on straight-forward instructions. In addition to the route instructions, maps will be provided for recovery purposes. The rally will be about 500km long, entirely within the province of Alberta. An odometer check section of about 20km will be provided. Roads will be about 30% clear pavement, 70% gravel and all instructions will be provided in KM units.

Preliminary Results

Pos Novice Car Class Driver Navigator L1 L2 Score
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Detailed results are available here: 2011 All Scores - Preliminary V2.pdf

Thu 7/14/2011 10:54 PM

Late protest against Car 9:

Car 9 in the previous results has been listed as competing in Novice class. Protest alleges the navigator has competed in more than three (3) TSD events prior to the current competition year and therefore should be in Calculator class. Allowed. Car 9’s time dec is still allowed, however the time for TC3-1 has been adjusted to the worst time in Calculator class (which is Car 4 – 7 seconds late – still doesn’t make a difference).

- John

Thu 7/14/2011 10:02 PM

You may now breathe a sigh of relief, as I now have the scores sorted out. Turned out the culprit on Reg 3 and 5 was your hard copy route book and my hard copy route book (printed off the same file) had the start times a minute out on each. I am not even going to try and figure out why.

I’ve attached updated results. Note that they are still marked preliminary – giving everyone a last kick at the can. I’ll probably post as final later tonight.

I have the following requests for time declarations at present with my ruling (only 1 martini in):

1. Car 9 – claiming a time dec for having to stop and calm down an irate (apparently drunken) farmer with assistance from Sweep in the interests of public safety. Allowed. Worst time in same class will be assigned on TC3-1 (which is Car 7 – 35 seconds late – doesn’t make a difference).

Answer to query from car 1: the supps are written such that a) grace periods are calculated for late AND early b) the grace periods are carried through ‘LEGS’, not ‘REGULARITIES’ – there were two legs to the TSD – Leg 1 = Regs 1 – 5, Leg 2 = Regs 7,8,9,11 and 12 (NOTE – I did not dream this up, I plagiarized from last year!).

- John

Wed 7/13/2011 10:53 PM

Thought you should be the first to know. Attached are the results as we have them for Mudlark, which I know you all have been eagerly awaiting. I have marked them 'PRELIMINARY', so as to allow your review and 'pleasant discussion' (otherwise known as a protest) if necessary. The 'pleasant discussion' period will be open until 10:30 pm tomorrow night (14 July 2011), at which point a totally rookie TSD organizer will have a couple of martinis and adjudicate any outstanding 'pleasant discussions' in any manner he sees fit at the time.

I'd like to say thank you and congratulations to all competitors. Looking at the scores, either I screwed up the route book totally, or this wasn't as easy as I thought (Wim had no responsibility for the screwing up part). Before everyone jumps all over me for Regularities 3 and 5, here’s some thoughts:

  1. Wim has been over the formulas up, down and across, and we're reasonably sure they are correct
  2. I have been through the route book twice and corrected any untoward formulaic errors
  3. At least two check pointers on each Regularity recorded actual GPS positions, and I have checked them on Google Earth and they were where they were supposed to be
  4. The positions of the check pointers mileage wise are correct as verified in the GPS check
  5. The timers were working
  6. On those two Regularities, the lateness is consistent all the way through the Regularity – very unlikely all check pointers were out of position, or all mileages were off

Those are my thoughts and I have a theory on what happened, but I am open to any potential explanation.

- John


There are no bulletins at this time.

Fees and Costs

$75 payable at registration (cheque only) or by e-mail transfer
(e-mail security question/answer to jemunroe AT

Members of any CARS affiliated club are eligible for a $5 discount. (2 members = $10)

Maximum entries accepted: 25

Officials of the Event

Organiser    John Munroe (jemunroe AT or 403.923.6874)
Registrar John
Co-Organiser Still Needed!
Steward TBD
Tech Eric Grochowski
Scoring TBD
Sweep John Blaber/Juanita Heimstra
Checkpointers Eric Grochowski
Win van der Poel
More Needed!


Thursday July 07, 2011
Midnight Preliminary start order assigned.

Saturday July 09, 2011
Start Location Calgary, Alberta
CSCC clubhouse
(see above)

1800 to 1930 Registration and Tech inspection (early birds encouraged)
1930 Driver's meeting and introduction of Officials
2000 First car out

Sunday July 10, 2011
0730 approx End of Rally (first car finishes)

Finish Location TBD, Strathmore, AB

Forms & Regulations

Entry Form (Blank_Entry_Form.pdf) pdf
Supplemental Regulations (2011_Mudlark_SuppsV0.pdf) pdf

These documents use the Adobe Acrobat format which requires the Free Acrobat Reader