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Calgary Sports Car Club
Calgary’s Motorsport Enthusiasts!

clubhouse1The club hosts regular member meetings at 7:30pm on the first Thursday of each month at the clubhouse. These meetings are one of the best places to connect with other members and to find out what is happening with the CSCC. Visitors are encouraged to join us for these meetings.
Members often meet at the clubhouse for other events such as video nights, classes and technical sessions and a range of other activities. Watch the event schedule and our discussion forums for upcoming activities.

cscc_inside_2The Calgary Sports Car Club is a multi Discipline club that participates in, promotes and organizes a wide range of Motorsports events. Formed in 1954, the CSCC is one of the few multi discipline clubs in North America, and has benefited from the sharing of thoughts and the larger community that has resulted. The club welcomes competitors, enthusiasts, fans, organizers and event workers to join and participate in all of our activities. You don’t need to own a sports car to be a member.

The CSCC is also one of the few motor sports clubs that owns it own clubhouse. The Marg Petersen Memorial Hall, located at 4215 – 80th Avenue NE., Calgary, Alberta, Canada T3J 4B9.
The hall offers complete facilities for meetings, technical discussions, movies or a wide range of activities. The hall is available for rent on a casual or regular basis.


The CSCC organizes and participates in a wide range of Motorsports events year round. Our events are insured and sanctioned through the Western Canada Motorsports Association and the Canadian Association of Rallysport (C.A.R.S.) and ASN Canada FIA , the national motor sports governing body. Many events we host are a part of regioinal or national championships The CSCC also scores events as a part of club championships for most of our disciplines.

Formerly known as Solo2, Autoslalom is a driving skill event that challenges participants to drive through a course made up of traffic pylons in a parking lot or open paved area. Taking to the course one car at a time. The cars race against the clock to set their quickest time. Competitors are classed according to the car they are competing with, with classes being set according to a number of factors. There are classes for just about any car you can think of.
Autoslalom requires a minimal amount of safety equipment and investment to get started in. There are healthy rookie, club and regional season championships in Autoslalom.

The CSCC runs both navigational and performance rallies.
The navigational rallies we run are ‘regularity’ style events where easy to follow instructions lead drivers and their navigators along a route consisting of transits that connect the scored regularity sections. The roads are open to normal traffic and all rules of the road apply to participants. Teams are penalized for early or late arrival at hidden checkpoints. These events often use challenging roads and are run in most weather conditions.
Navigational rallies are an excellent test of driving and accuracy. They are also an excellent way to build in-car cooperation skills needed for performance rallying. Safety equipment required is limited to basic road safety gear such as a first aid kit, tow rope, and warning triangles. Any car is suitable for navigational rallies. We usually offer a quick beginners school before each event.
The performance rallies we run include events in the regional Western Canada Rally Championship and one round of the national Canadian Rally Championship. Performance rallying is also known as ‘stage’ rallying. In these events we close roads in the area and teams are released a minute apart to see how quickly they can complete the stage.
Cars must be prepared to standards set out by the Canadian Association of RallySport and competitors must have Rally competition licenses or permits issued by CARS.
Each event depends on at least 80 volunteers to operate safely. Working performance rally events can get you close to the action and will ensure that we can continue to run these events in the future.

Road Race
A number of CSCC members participate in the WCMA Road Race series events both locally at Race City Motorsports Park and at other venues in western Canada. Road racing sees cars in a number of classes taking to the road course to race head to head in time limited races. Classes recognize a variety of modification levels and include a healthy spec series in the RX7 Challenge cup cars.
Cars range from virtually stock street cars to open wheeled ‘formula’ cars. Cars must be prepared to the standards of the WCMA and drivers must gave a WCMA recognized competition license.

Time Attack
Time Attack has competitors racing against the clock on a race circuit or high speed temporary course. Cars compete in classes, and must follow strict rules governing safe overtaking on the track. Competitors are not racing head to head and are scored on several timed laps in each of several sessions in each day.
Cars must meet higher safety standards than in AutoSlalom, but the requirements are not as stringent as in road racing or rally. Daily drivers are often used for Time Attack. Drivers must have a competition license recognized for SoloSprint by the WCMA

Winter Autocross / Rallycross
Winter Autocross resembles Autoslalom on a loose surface. This event is a club championship event that happens regularly through the winter months. Cars race against the clock, one at a time, to set their quickest time through the course. The events run in any weather and on surfaces ranging from gravel to deep snow to ice.
Winter Autocross requires a minimal amount of safety equipment and investment to get started in.

Membership in the Calgary Sports Car Club is open to all persons interested in participating in motorsport — Solo Events, Racing, or Rallying or as a marshal at the race track or rally course.  Membership form